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Dr. Jayanta kumar chatterjee
Associate Professor and Head

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  Department of
Animal Science
Dr. Jayanta kumar chatterjee
Associate Professor and Head

Previously Animal Science was a part of the department of ASEPAN till September, 2016. From 1st October, 2016 an independent department of Animal Science was started. In a BOS meeting a proposal for splitting of ASEPAN was approved into 5 departments subject wise. However, 4  independent departments were started from 01.10.2016. Animal Science is one of them.
This department offers courses of under graduate, post graduate and doctoral degrees. Considering the necessity a new course M.Sc. in Animal Science (Poultry) was started from this year. This is the first time in West Bengal where M.Sc. in Poultry Science started. This total development of Animal Science in this institute was possible with the initiative of the then Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, Visva-Bharati.