iYyh&f'k{kk Hkou] Ñf"k laLFkku] fo'o&Hkkjrh] Jhfudsru] i- ca-] Hkkjr&731236 Palli-Siksha Bhavana, Institute of Agriculture, Visva-Bharati, Sriniketan, West Bengal, India - 731236
Courses offered by Bhavana

The Bhavana offers four year B.Sc. (Ag) Hons. degree in compliance with the norms of ICAR recommended by 5th Deans’ committee. The intake capacity of students under UG course at present is 60 (of which 15 percent of seats are filled up by the ICAR nominated candidates). All the remaining UG seats are filled up as per University rules. This course of studies consists of six semesters of intramural teaching followed by one semester of Experiential Learning (EL) and another semester of Rural Agricultural Work Experience (RAWE). To bring parity with National Agricultural Education System under ICAR, course credit and semester system were introduced and a thorough revision of syllabus was made with introduction of courses in the emerging areas like Sustainable Agriculture, Natural Resource Management, Agribusiness Management, Bio-technology, Information technology, etc.

The Bhavana also offers two year M.Sc.(Ag) programme as per ICAR norms  in 7 disciplines viz.
Agronomy                                                 (intake capacity-15)
Plant Pathology                                         (intake capacity-06)
Agril. Entomology                                       (intake capacity-06)
Agril. Extension                                         (intake capacity-10)
Soil Science and Agril. Chemistry                  (intake capacity-10)
Horticulture                                              (intake capacity-10)
Genetics & Plant Breeding                           (intake capacity-06)
Poultry Science                                        (intake capacity-08)

Twenty five per cent of seats are filled up by the ICAR nominated candidates. All the remaining seats are filled up as per University rules.

Besides that, the Bhavana has Ph.D. programme in different disciplines as per Visva-Bharati Ph.D ordinance.