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Department of Agricultural Statistics is one of the twelve departments of the Institute of Agriculture (Palli-Siksha Bhavana), Sriniketan. This Department has been functioning since 02nd June 2019, under Visva-Bharati. The department is offering various courses at UG, PG and Ph. D. levels on Statistics, Data Analysis and Research Methodology etc. The main aim of this department is to promote and conduct different teaching, research and outreach programmes. Mention may be made of the following specific highlighted objectives:
> To teach the courses on Agricultural Statistics, Data Analysis and Research Methodology at UG, PG and Ph.D. levels.
> To promote research work in Agricultural and its related areas.
> To collect data from different experiments and sources for analyzing them, finding feasible results and to provide that to other allied departments.
> To make facilities available for analysing big data using statistical tools and techniques.
> To develop some programs of problems for which menu driven software’s are not directly available.
> To provided advisory and consultancy services to different streams of Agricultural Sciences & Rural development and to other departments across the campus.

Prof Debasis Bhattacharya
Professor and Head

Prof Debasis Bhattacharya
Professor and Head

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Dr Digvijay Singh Dhakre
Assistant Professor

Mo. 9474694377

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  Dr. Kader Ali Sarkar
Assistant Professor

Mo. 9968599487

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Department of
Agricultural Statistics

Practical Manual
S.No. Title UG/PG Course No. Credit
1. Practical Manual on Statistical Methods UG STAT 311 3(2+1)
2. Practical Manual on Statistical Methods for Applied Sciences PG STAT 550 4(3+1)
3. Practical Manual on Experimental Designs  PG STAT 551 4(3+1)
4. Practical Manual on Nonparametric Techniques PG
STAT 553
UG Courses
STAT-311 Statistical Methods 2+1
Elective courses
STAT-312 Statistical Techniques 2+1
STAT-321 Design in Agricultural Experiment 2+1
PG Courses
STAT-550 Staistical Methods for Applied Sciences 3+1
STAT-551 Experimental Designs 3+1
STAT-552 Bio-Assay 3+0
STAT-553 Nonparametric Techniques 3+0
STAT-554 Data Analysis 1+2
Ph. D. Courses
STAT-601 Research Methodology and Techniques 4
STAT-602 Advanced Courses on Statistical Inference 4
STAT-603 Advanced Courses on Quantitative Analysis 4
STAT-604 Reviewing of Published Research Work and presentation of Synopsis 4
Self Study Report