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Dairy and Poultry Farm
Tagore’s Dairy & Poultry Farm is now ‘A Model Dairy & Poultry Farm’

A Dairy farm was established with the initiative of Gurudev in 1906 at Santiniketan, later in 1923 shifted to Sriniketan. Probably in 1960, when Agriculture College started, the farm came under the Agriculture Institute.
1. During the year 1921- 23, development of the farm took place under the guidance of Leonard Elmharst, as a part of rural reconstruction under ‘SRINIKETAN-EXPERIMENT’
2. Cattle strength was around 200 and 2000 birds.
3. Staff strength was 3 (office staff) & 27 (workers).
4. Basically purpose of the farm was to supply milk to the Patha Bhavana Hostel, as a practical field of Agriculture Students for UG & Ph. D (now M. Sc Poultry Science), and farmers demonstration.
5. In 1986, we suggested to establish a ‘Model Dairy & Poultry Farm’ as the staff strength reduced day by day, accordingly a committee was constituted.
6. It was decided that the farm size will be minimized as ‘Model’ one for students & farmers demonstration only; because supply of milk for Patha Bhavana needs more cattle & man power.
7. According to the recommendation of the committee in a meeting of the EC in 31.07.93 staff strength reduced to 11. But category of sanctioned posts are not proper according to their resolution (no. 16), where some modification / up gradation needed.
8. But practically no initiative was taken by the University as directed by the EC and the farm was running with very minimum nos. of cattle & birds with 3 staff members only. Very minimum budget adhered with the Principal’s Office during last few years. But farm was not closed at all. The idle stage of the farm for a long period is due to our ignorance.
9. During 2016, we have started M. Sc in Poultry Science in addition to UG & Ph. D programmes.
10. Just after the formation of Animal Science Department (01.10.16) we took initiative to revitalize and restarted the farm for Academic needs as well as to honour the idea of Gurudeva. In this regard, Higher Authority of the University agreed with our proposal and gradually progressed for revitalization.
So, this farm is not new one; is a part and parcel /property /asset of the University. So, it is now a process of recovery for the academic needs as well as farmers’ demonstration being utilized as a Model Livestock Farm. However, supply of milk and other products to Patha Bhavana Hostel depends upon size of the farm. Now only 9 milch cows and 16 heifers and calves, at the very beginning stage i.e. just completed 2 yrs. Now we need field for fodder production as well as budget for the farm. We took a master plan with expectation 80 to 100 lits. of milk by extending the farm size with at least 50 cows within 2022; otherwise we should have to stop (as the quantity is very poor) the supply of milk to Patha Bhavana. 
In poultry, Turkey, Duck, Fowl, Broiler Chicken and Quails are being maintained.
Goatery started with 8 now the total no. is 26.

Objectives of the present Model Dairy & Poultry Farm i.e an Experimental Livestock farm for Academic Needs under this dept.(Started from the year-2017-18)
According to the EC Regulation –16, dated 31-7-1993,The Dairy & Poultry Farm will be treated as ‘Model Livestock Farm ‘with the following objectives maintaining Gurudev’s ideology.

> This farm will be maintained one of the best organic Livestock farm of India.
> Act as an experimental farm for teaching, researcher and demonstration for UG,PG and Ph.d students and farmers
> Holding Farmer’s training programmer time to time with RKVK.
> Establish the concept of mixed farming with an idea for keeping the soil fertile.
> Conducting different projects as experimental Livestock farm.
> Experiential Learning on i) Dairy Production & ii) Poultry Production for UG students as suggested by ICAR, New Delhi.
> Establish the idea of low cost production technology among farmers to encourage on massive Livestock production in there villages.
> Conducting project on Poultry wastes management and Fish Production.
> Idea of Rearing of different Poultry species other than chicken.
> Encourage on sheep and goat rearing as poor men’s cow.
> Giving idea of Bee –Keeping as Livestock for self-help group in future.
> Application of medicinal plants and traditional management  for ailing animals.
> According to the feasibility, availability and infrastructure the size of the farm will be extended.
> Bio-Pesticide formulation with Cow urine.
> Bio-Insecticide to control ticks.
> Organic farming for meat production /Milk production.
> Organic farming for egg production.
> Estimation of high growth rate with (comparison) using organic and other than organic feeds.
> Gobar gas plant and application with solar one.
> Utilization of soaked feed followed by boiled with solar system to enhance the palatability & digestion in cattle.
> Maintenance of hygiene part with solar –boiled water followed by disinfectants in farm management.
> Application of indigenous plants for medications as well as for more milk using herbal galacto gogue.
> Inspire people for low cost Livestock rearing system.
1. Milch cattle: production, adaptability, Livestock and environment.
2. Poultry: different species: production, adaptability, Poultry and environment.
1. Conducting farmers’- scientist meeting, farmers’ training and imparting training to Govt. officials of Dept. of Vety. Science and in collaboration with Rathindra Krishi Vignan Kendra, Dir. Of Vety. & AH Department of West Bengal and NGOs.
2. Consultancy service to the farmers by the teachers of the Department
3. Dissemination of modern technology of animal production through talks in All India Radio, Doordarshan and other TV programmes and technology demonstration in annual festival of Sriniketan (Magh Mela).
4. Coordinating Farmers’ Exposure visit for farmers of different parts of West Bengal


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