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Department of
Genetics and Plant Breeding
The Department started independently from June’2019. The department offers various courses on Genetics & Plant Breeding along with Plant Biotechnology at Under Graduate (U.G.) and Post-graduate level. The M.Sc. (Ag.) programme in Genetics and Plant Breeding started from the academic session of 2015-16. Besides the U. G. and P. G. courses, the faculty members of the department are actively engaged in guiding students in research work, sometimes in collaboration with other research Institutes or Universities of national and international repute, leading to Ph. D. degree. The department is sincerely dedicated to make the students and scholars acquainted with modern research technology in different areas of biological sciences in general, and Genetics, Plant Breeding, Plant Biotechnology and Bioinformatics in particular. The faculty members conduct special and remedial classes exclusively for the purpose of JRF and guide final year B.Sc. (Ag.) Honours students and M.Sc. (Ag.) students for ICAR, JRF/SRF and similar other examinations. Some externally funded (BARC, ICAR, IFAD-ICARDA) research projects are being run by the department. Apart from the academic and research responsibilities, the department is actively involved in different extension activities and is in constant interaction with the farmers of the adjoining areas to make them aware of the latest technology in the area of crop improvement.
Prof. Amitava Paul
Professor and Head

amitava.paul@rediffmail.com ; amitava.paul@visva-bharati.ac.in
Prof. Amitava Paul
Professor and Head

Mo. 9434197215
amitava.paul@rediffmail.com ;
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Prof. Paresh Chandra Kole

Mo. 9474413136
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Dr. Nihar Ranjan Chakraborty
Assistant Professor

Mo. 9434559884
Email:nrchakraborty@gmail.com ;
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Dr. Sandip Debnath
Assistant Professor

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Practical Manual
S.No. Title UG/PG Course No. Credit
1. Practical Manual on Principles of Plant Breeding UG GPB221 3(2+1)
2. Practical Manual on Breeding of Field and Horticultural Crops UG GPB 321 3(2+1)
3. Practical Manual on Principles of Plant Biotechnology UG GPB 311 3(2+1)
4. Practical Manual on Bioinformatics UG ELBS 5/ GPB 321 3(2+1)
5. Practical Manual on Principles of Cytogenetics PG    
6. Practical Manual on Quantitative Genetics PG GPB 504 3(2+1)